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Newmarket Holidays Takes You to the Real Portugal

Think of a holiday to Portugal and immediately images of the busy, tourist-filled Algarve spring to mind. Popular with golfers and package-holiday aficionados, the Algarve has a lot to offer those who simply want to indulge in their favourite sport or soak up the sun on a family-friendly beach holiday. However, there is far more to Portugal than this. Awaiting further inland is a country of soaring mountain ranges, scenic countryside, unspoilt villages and vineyards and many more delights that will suit the more discerning traveller. To truly experience everything that this ‘hidden’ Portugal has to offer, Newmarket Holidays offers travellers a selection of escorted tours taking in some of the more spectacular, but lesser-known sights and sounds of the region.

Newmarket Holidays Hidden Portugal is an eight-day holiday that begins in ancient Oporto. Here, travellers are escorted to the first of their quality hotels to spend an evening of rest and relaxation. The first full day of the holiday involves a tour of the surrounding area, which includes a visit to one of the region’s famous wine lodges, a guided walking tour of the unique landscape within the city on the hill above scenic River Douro and an optional boat trip for those who so desire. Throughout the holiday, there are a variety of excursions to choose from, each guided by an experienced, knowledgeable and friendly tour manager from Newmarket Holidays. Choose to explore the vineyards of the port of Regua, where Port wine originates; take a trip to Braga, the historic former Catholic capital of Portugal or visit the only National Park in the country to witness stunning royal eagles and wild wolves in their natural habitat. On the final full day, there is an optional excursion over the border into Spain, to the beautiful and historic city of Santiago de Compostela, where travellers will see the medieval Romanesque cathedral.

The Newmarket Holidays Historic Portugal, Santiago and Green Spain tour takes in some of the best hidden gems of Portugal and combines them with visits to some of the more beautiful and lesser-known areas of Spain. Visit vineyards, cathedrals, Roman bridges, Renaissance palaces, beautiful beaches and stunning fjords throughout Portugal and Spain, enjoying some fine cuisine and sampling some delectable wines along the way – and all of it off the beaten tourist track on a fully escorted tour over eight days.